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ManuInvest DUO – Investment-linked plan(ILPs)

Facing a really tough dilemma? Just choose both, Manulife says.

Decisions. We're capable of making up to 35,000 a day, yet the simplest ones can stump us - like what's for lunch? Now imagine having to choose between two life-altering choices: protecting your back account, or growing your wealth. That's a really tough one.

Manulife solves this dilemma once and for all with a campaign to promote ManuInvest Duo, its top performing investment-linked plan (IPLs) that allows customers to choose both–protect their lifestyle and accumulate their wealth at the same time.

To engage our indecisive target audience, we created a launch film inspired by this very human phenomenon of being caught between two equally favourable choices. The slapstick film features two everyday Singaporeans at the most crucial moment of decision-making. After they take too long to decide, a needed intervention occurs, along with the campaign message that they can actually "choose both" - with ManuInvest Duo.

Markies 2021:

Most Creative Video, Silver

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