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Swap It Away

Festive Music Video


Adopting healthier eating habits is tough, it connotes changes to what we eat, the way we eat. It’s exceptionally tough for the Malay-muslim community. Food carries emotional weight and is integral to their culture.

During Hari Raya, they take it as a license to indulge in their favourites. Our “less salt” instruction must be conveyed with sensitivity to make them more open to the idea of changing. Finding overlaps between fun Hari Raya traditions and healthy living messages to not dull the festive spark.



Rather than portraying it as a sacrifice, we talk about the gains of eating healthier through a fun, celebratory lens befitting of the festive spirit.We spotlight the Malay-muslim community, their families & friends spreading care and love by consuming less salt. Storytelling from Malay-muslims’ point of view, showcasing healthy eating, cooking & living examples in ways that uplift the Malay culture



Our campaign key message focuses on less salt, with increased physical activity as a supporting secondary message. A fun and celebratory rap-dance number fronted by maciks, that talks about the benefits of shaking off excess salt from our diets, and staying active for a healthier and happier Hari Raya.

Swap It Away Dance

We engaged the public with a dance challenge on TikTok

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