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Leaving a plastic trail

Plastic pollution is made more rampant in international waters when there is no clear indication of which country it originates from. But what if all plastic products were regulated to have clear indication of its country of origin? The intention is not to shame, but to trace tit back to its source, therefore discovering where the 'problem' lies.

Fair Fields

Having a more diverse workforce can sometimes be impeded by barriers such as age, race, gender and even sexuality. How so we create a system in the workforce where people are hired on the basis of talent, effort and achievement? 

See Her

Even in the midst of progress there are still oversights and a longer way to go. Even when women are in positions of power, they still encounter instances of being overlooked. How can a conversation be started to let them be acknowledged ?


Skate Trumps Hate

How do we get the humble skateboard into the limelight and make it the choice of transport once again in an era of hoverboards. We make it into a device of protest, and reinvent it once more as the ultimate expression of movement and freedom.

Skate Trumps Hate_b-01.jpg

Edition: Street wise

How can 'The Economist' get the attention of a younger crowd and convert them into new reader? By leveraging on one of the biggest hype brands - Supreme.

Street wise edition-01.jpg
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