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What's Your Plan?

Brand Campaign

Retirement planning has become the last thing on Singaporeans’ minds. We faced an uphill task of engaging our target audience, who are sceptical towards government ads. We had to increase awareness about government safety nets for Retirement Adequacy without sounding preachy, and make complex details engaging and easy to understand.

We found our unlikely answer in the animal kingdom and its documentaries. We drew on the animal behaviour and juxtaposed it against the four key pillars of Retirement Adequacy featured in the campaign — Housing, Savings, Healthcare and Silver Housing. And who said government ads had to be serious? We called on five well-known comedians to bring our stories to life.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

We utilised YouTube's Cards function to allow online viewers to decide on behalf of our animal characters, and watch their choices unfold. We even brought this interactive magic to digital adshels to engage commuters

Over six weeks, the comedians donned larger-than-life animal costumes and appeared in our print campaign across the broadsheets.

Colourful and vibrant, the four eye-catching print ads showcased our furry comedians deep in contemplation. Each print ad housed important campaign information in bite-size. These prints were then adapted to bus wraps, trains and bus stop adshels, extending the campaign’s reach even further.

Markies 2016:

Excellence in Brand Awareness Gold 

Excellence in Government Sector Marketing Gold

Excellence in Print Advertising Gold

IINK Awards 2017:

Integrated Campaign Gold 

Content Marketing Silver

Print Campaign Bronze

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