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2021 Year of Celebrating SG Women

Brand Campaign for Singapore Women

MSF Singapore will dedicate 2021 as the Year of Celebrating SG Women. Beyond celebrating the contributions of women, past and present, in building Singapore, this movement also recognises the myriad roles women occupy in our community. Whether prominent leaders or everyday workers – and everything in between, women are first and foremost our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Creating an equitable society for women is an ongoing process. We’ve made progress over the years at home, in workplaces and in society, but we still need to change mindsets further. The ongoing Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development seek to understand how we can better support women, and empower them to pursue their aspirations.​​​​​​​

Phase 1 - Brand Campaign 


Brand Manifesto Video

Phase 2 - Social Activation Campaign 

The next step was to change the public's perception of of gender stereotypes, of what non-traditional roles women and men can take on. Leadership roles for women in the workplace and caregiving support for the men at home.

We tapped on social's KOLs to demonstrate and normalise these roles already happening, in a bid to #MakeTheNorm on rethinking traditional stereotypes of women; to seed a mindset shift towards a culture of respect. 

Male influencers were also strategically engaged to speak more to Singaporean men, to show that there is no shame, but pride, in taking ownership of domestic responsibilites.

Phase 3 - Gift to Our Next Generation

Women are now represented in many fields, including those that are traditionally male-dominated. 

Today, women continue to work even after becoming mothers. This is why at least 60% of households in Singapore are now dual-income. Despite this, a recent survey on women’s development showed that:

  • women were five times more likely to take on domestic duties than men in these households; and 

  • women were also nearly four times more likely to leave their jobs for caregiving as compared to men.

Perhaps this is a situation tolerated by the working parents. But will they have a different mindset if they see their actions and habits emulated by their children? Would they think it fair when they see their daughters tolerate a partnership-less household? We put this to a test in a social experiment where children selected from 'traditional' and 'progressive' families are placed in domestic situations and given tasks to perform. These children when placed in pair are to mirror the actions of their parents, revealing unnoticed truths. By being respectful, understanding and supportive of our partners through our everyday actions, we can instill values of gender equality in our children. 

Caregiving is a duty that can be shared. As a gift to our next generation, let us teach them the importance of sharing domestic duties, with the mindset of mutual respect and support. After all, inculcating lifelong values in our children starts from home.

“Our kids will actually mirror whatever we do,” noted a parent who participated in this social experiment. By being respectful, understanding and supportive of our partners through our everyday actions, we can instill values of gender equality in our children.

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